INON’s VLOC with integrated LMS is a custom-designed platform thoughtfully developed for educational institutions with great flexibility of client-specific customization options at all levels.

A custom-designed Virtual Live Online Platform specifically for educational institutions. Simplistic features for Teachers and Students. Interactive platform with Integrated Learning Management Solution. Mobile App and Web login for Students. Interactive Doubts Clearance Forum. The flexibility of customer-specific customization as required.

Web Portal for TEACHERS CLASSROOM –Trainers can login to the web portal and access relevant content. They can also upload their training resources like class notes, synopsis, web links, training video links and tests, thus creating a personal bank of tools for their constant perusal. Trainers can also conduct live online classes

Tab based App for STUDENTS – All students are provided tablets from which they can download trainers content & tests. Students can also use this app to see their study report cards

A Fast Way to Take Your Institution Online

• Seamless running of classes for every teacher and every student.

• Requires least of IT with teachers being able to conduct Virtual Live Classes with basic internet.

• Cost effective Platform with reasonable monthly outflow.

• Excellent support from team INON anyplace, anywhere.

• Set-up Virtual Live Classes in no time.

INON – Teacher Connect is a Web Portal for TEACHERS which helps them to plan,  train, mentor & monitor students performance on a live and regular basis.

Teacher’s platform – Using this web portal Teachers can

•Create Tests based on completed syllabus

•Create, Modify & upload Training materials, like notes, assignments

•Create , modify practice questions & assignments

•View students performance on given tests

•View individual performance

•Solve students queries

•Track students

Mobile App For Students – INON also provides Mobile App for Students with connectivity to Teachers.

•Get access to assignments

•Review test results

•Analyze weak and strong areas by topic wise

•Take unlimited mock tests by topics and as provided by the teachers.