Futureclass Robotic Labs

INON’s FutureClass™ Robotics Labs uses easy to use, low platform robotics to reinforce repetition, selection and the use of basic functions much critical for a school going child. The Hands-On, Heads-On Laboratory Component To A New Robotics Lab Provides Self-Learning Experience For Students, Enriching Their Robotics Education And Teaching Interdisciplinary Teamwork.


-Innovative robotics kits designed by industrial experts

-Develop multiple designs. DIY Kit implementing science concepts.

-Work with sensors, light, sound, motors and build innovative designs.

-100% tested and genuine kits with innovative learning technology.

FutureClass Robotics Lab combines the benefits of Syllabus learning with new technologies and ensures Students learn the principles of robot programming and operations and develop generic abilities and skills that are required in various workplaces.

INON Robotics brings new features and implements that streamline learning and provide a great student experience. RemoteSensors, Motors, Sound, they learn it all with ease. Instruction Manual based approach ensures teachers are well-equipped.


A complete activity learning Module, Inon’s Robotics Labs ensures each of the student is fully engaged in the practical aspects of the curriculum and works towards building extensive knowledge around the exciting and new world of Robotics.

INON’S Passionate Team Provides Flawless Delivery, ensuring a significant Ease of Implementation for Schools.



  • Basic – for primary, mid-level – for mid classes and advanced – for the higher class students.
  •  Hands on experience of building robotic types of equipment and tools.
  • Complete sets for easy grouping of classes.
  • High durability products with extreme safety.
  • Clearly defined circuit diagrams/ set-up diagrams.
  • Step-by-step modules with the definitive learning process.
  • Sensor alarms, obstacle avoiders, humanoids and more…